G200 & G300

G200 & G300


The evaporative humidifier is installed into the supply duct and air is drawn across the moist evaporator pad (wetted through the home’s water supply). The evaporated water is efficiently released into the home by the furnace or air handler. The adjustable, precision-made humidistat allows the user to choose the optimum humidity level for maximum indoor comfort.


  • Adjustable, precision duct-mounted humidistats allow the units to be set for optimum relative humidity.
  • Convenient orientation allows right or left-side panel for easy installation and easy access in the future.
  • Single screw secures cover.
  • 2” Evaporator pad expands the evaporative area for water supply and increases performance.
  • Cleanable/replaceable internal water filter protects solenoid.
  • Self-piercing saddle valve and a 24v brass solenoid valve makes installation easy.
  • G200 mounts on 10” duct, G300 mounts on 14 1/2” duct.
  • Wide 1 1/2” duct collar for ease of installation.

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